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Deep Breath, Original Music, and Release

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For Keresey Proctor, editing video for the Traveling Yogini Tours started with a song. One of her client’s favorite songs, by Moby. It sounded like a perfect fit during the opening sequence, but quickly stumbled as a confused dance partner. It demanded a slower rhythm, made moves in weird places, and stepped on the picture’s toes. The picture deserved better.

Alternate Moby tracks tried, but stumbled. Only custom music would work.

With a deadline approaching, the director recommended hiring a highly reputable collaborator. The producer contacted Bruce Sales of 2BruceStudio, to score original music and sound design, and deliver the final audio mix for a tight but fair budget. A few soundtrack demos, and two weeks later, hugs and laughs went all around and 2BruceStudio delivered the final audio mix.

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Asheville Composer, Original Music, for NOAA ClimateWatch Video Series

ClimateWatch-2Bruce Sales is the composer of original theme music for the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) ClimateWatch video series. 2BruceStudio is also responsible for audio post production and video post production for each episode of the series. Read more…

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Semantic shifts in Beatles’ chord progressions

On 31, May 2012 | No Comments | In Composing | By Bruce Sales

I really like this informative series of articles about the how and why of Beatles composition.

Semantic shifts in Beatles’ chord progressions.

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