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Deep Breath, Original Music, and Release

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For Keresey Proctor, editing video for the Traveling Yogini Tours started with a song. One of her client’s favorite songs, by Moby. It sounded like a perfect fit during the opening sequence, but quickly stumbled as a confused dance partner. It demanded a slower rhythm, made moves in weird places, and stepped on the picture’s toes. The picture deserved better.

Alternate Moby tracks tried, but stumbled. Only custom music would work.

With a deadline approaching, the director recommended hiring a highly reputable collaborator. The producer contacted Bruce Sales of 2BruceStudio, to score original music and sound design, and deliver the final audio mix for a tight but fair budget. A few soundtrack demos, and two weeks later, hugs and laughs went all around and 2BruceStudio delivered the final audio mix.

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From the jingle house to the Miles Building

SOUND GUY: Bruce Sales sits in his studio space in the Miles Building in downtown Asheville. Photo courtesy of Bruce Sales

SOUND GUY: Bruce Sales sits in his studio space in the Miles Building in downtown Asheville. Photo courtesy of Bruce Sales

From Mountain Xpress  

You probably won’t find a rock band in Bruce Sales’ 2BruceStudio, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping busy. “My studio is more geared for postproduction,” says Sales. “I work with filmmakers and people doing video. So it’s [creating] the sound for the picture. They need sound design or voice recording or original music, or they just need me to mix it. Or fix it — I’ve been doing a lot of fixing lately.”

After majoring in songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Sales landed a gig at David Horowitz Music Associates, a commercial “jingle house” in New York City. He spent the next 15 years composing and engineering for big-name clients like Pepsi and GE, as well as small films.

And while the Asheville native says out-of-towners such as HBO and The History Channel still call on him regularly for voice recording work, he’s also made his mark in the local community. Besides producing the Asheville 48 Hour Film Project, Sales sponsors the Asheville Music School’s summer camp program, giving young musicians their first recording experience. The kids, he says, “just kind of walk in and play, and they get their mix. The largest group I had in here was 12 kids: They’re all lined around the walls, and I recorded them all at once playing a couple of songs. In the last 15 minutes, I mixed it together and gave them a version they can give their parents.” He also works with local musicians (including a lot of rappers and hip-hop artists lately, thanks to his knack for high-quality vocal recording), and businesses such as The Biltmore Co. and Travelling Yogini tours.

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Asheville 48 Hour Film Project 2013

Bruce and Leslie 48HFP 2013

Bruce Sales, Asheville Producer, with co-producer Leslie Myers

What can be more fun than having a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and your team make a movie? Could it be the elation days later when everyone in town watches your masterpiece up on the big screen? The 48 Hour Film Project offers filmmakers the chance to write, shoot, edit, score and complete their film within 48 hours. All submitted films are then screened in a local cinema.

The 2013 Asheville 48 Hour Film Project was one again produced by Bruce Sales, and sponsored by 2BruceStudio, Western North Carolina Film Commission, Asheville Brewing Company, Venture Asheville, Makeup at the Grove Arcade, and Asheville Music School.

24 teams of roughly 400 filmmakers flooded Asheville to compete during the weekend of June 21-23. The Asheville Citizen-Times embedded reporter, Barbara Blake, penned a wonderful story for the cover of the Sunday Times, “Film Project Challenges Creative Minds”. You will also find a “Behind the Scenes” video about a winning team’s spirit of improvisation.

ABC News WLOS TV reported the struggles of filmmakers in this video.

Watch ABC WLOS TV news report

Watch the ABC WLOS TV news story

It seemed like everyone in town came to the screenings and picked winners from June 25-27. The best was saved for “The Best Of” screening and awards show in July. It was a red carpet event with many local filmmakers caught on camera. The Best Film from Asheville, “The Audition” by Team UNCA, will be in the running for top honors in Hollywood, CA at Filmapalooza 2014, the 48 Hour Film Project’s annual awards.

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