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Asheville #1 Town to Live and Work as a Moviemaker

On 30, Mar 2014 | In 2BruceStudio News, Film | By Bruce Sales

MovieMaker_logoIt’s nice waking up in MovieMaker Magazine’s “#1 Town” for filmmakers to live and work. But I must say, we wake up every day knowing full well it could turn out more like #2, or worse. How stiff was the competition? Where is another town with a population of 100,000 or less earning nicknames like “The Paris of the South”, “The San Francisco of the East”, or “Beer City USA”?  MovieMaker Magazine explains:

 Voted the most beautiful place in the United States by Good Morning, America, Asheville sets the gold standard for best small town moviemaking. From the Pisgah National Forest to the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Art Deco downtown to the Biltmore Estate, it has a vibrant history with productions like Last of the Mohicans, The Green Mile, The Hunt for Red October, The Hunger Games—and who could ever forget the Dirty Dancing lift scene from Lake Lure?

With nearly a dozen local film festivals (including the Chuck Norris-inspired ActionFest), community support from the Asheville Cinema Society, the Asheville Film Society, Asheville Area Arts Council, Screen Artists Co-op, and Western North Carolina Film Commission, the town is chock full of pre- and post- production facilities and some of the friendliest crew around. “The Hunger Games would not have been possible without all of the support from the local community and WNC Film Commission,” said director Gary Ross.

I was born in Asheville, moved away and came back in 2005. I haven’t seen everything, but driving this evening, as the highway reached a favorite panorama, the sunset over mountain peaks seemed to have everything. And when I walk through the forest here, there’s a hint why Cherokee Indians still hold such deep reverence for Western North Carolina. It’s not an easy living for filmmakers in Asheville, but it can be a good life.

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In 2BruceStudio News

By Bruce Sales

Award Winning Presentation Made Better

On 29, Jan 2014 | In 2BruceStudio News | By Bruce Sales

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How does an important presentation get converted to video for YouTube or DVD? Get your file assets together and contact 2BruceStudio. We recently converted a thirty-five minute presentation, “Designing Better Places”, along with the North Carolina Commerce Department, for a series of eight YouTube HD videos educating community planners everywhere.

The original “Designing Better Places” format was PowerPoint together with skilled presenter, Virginia Faust. We used the PowerPoint as template, built titles and subtle photo animation, and asked Marty Weil (already consulting on the script), to lend his “made for radio” voice to the narration.

Ready to watch the “Designing Better Places” finished videos? Visit the YouTube page here.

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In 2BruceStudio News

By Bruce Sales

How High’s The Water, Daddy?

On 21, Nov 2013 | In 2BruceStudio News | By Bruce Sales

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Ivar’s wife and children had no idea, living upstairs from their newly opened restaurant, coming to wreck everything; Hurricane Sandy. Watch Ivar’s journey as he adapts, learns, and rebuilds the family dream.

Ever shot a one-chance interview with crazy distracting noises in the background? Did you fix the sound in post? 2BruceStudio has the tools and experience to salvage your most valuable scene, and make everything sound and look that much better in final output. Post Production services for “After Sandy: Facing the Future” provided by 2BruceStudio, Bruce Sales.

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