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Climate Resilience Toolkit Intro

On 31, Jan 2017 | In 2BruceStudio News, Composing | By Bruce Sales

The Climate Resilience Toolkit is an extensive internet resource for community planners across the United States. For coastal planners, critical decisions must be made as oceans rise. For inland cities, how can planners adapt to more frequent droughts, floods, and/or hurricanes?

The CRT was built after a directive by president Barack Obama’s white house. Since 2012, I’ve had the honor of providing post production services for many NOAA videos. The CRT introduction video proved the most challenging, and most fun. I composed and recorded one continuous piece of original music which changes during different scenes, but unites ideas and images throughout the three minute video. 2BruceStudio recorded and edited the announcer, created sound design, and mixed everything together for the final audio. 2BruceStudio provided the final video edits, along with adding b-roll and animations, color grading and all exports for final deliverables.

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