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We Laugh, We Sing, We Record Everything

Family Audio Recording

Looking for a fresh way to capture your family get together? Ever try an audio recording? We recently had everyone from grandparents to extended cousins visit the studio and speak of how parents first met, how nicknames began, and what the future might bring. Our professional microphones captured the whole family singing, and singing, and singing. Within two hours each person had taken a turn and played their part in family history. Lets do it again!

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You Never Know Who May Be Listening To You

On 06, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Creative, Uncategorized | By Bruce Sales

Carlo Martini as ElvisHave you heard of Carlo Martini? Not Carlo Maria Martini the Cardinal, although there are spiritual overtones we’ll get to in a moment. Carlo Martini is an inspired Elvis performer. As Carlo appears on stage in iconic jump suits, grabbing the microphone singing “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Teddy Bear” and so on, he believes the spirit of Elvis is present. Carlo has remained faithful to Elvis and the Elvis faithful for years, as you might witness in his series of YouTube videos.

If you have a music track needing vocals, step up to one of our quality microphones and begin living the dream. You never know who may be listening to you.

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In Business

By Bruce Sales

Yams and Audio Post Production

On 18, Nov 2013 | In Business, Creative | By Bruce Sales


There’s no way to confuse Bruce’s Yams with 2BruceStudio. Although Bruce’s Yams may be America’s favorite yams, 2BruceStudio works tirelessly to be your favorite audio post production studio.

2BruceStudio is the culmination of almost 20 years New York City experience in the media and entertainment industries as film composer, original music, sound design, audio post production for film, television and any other media.

Hosting Thanksgiving could be as complicated as one of your media productions… yams not included. Maybe you’ve already tried one Bruce. Next media project, contact 2BruceStudio.

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