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Voice Recording Archer TV Series

Archer-tv-showA talented cast member of Archer recently visited 2BruceStudio to record voice for an upcoming episode. It was fantastic working with Archer’s talented and professional cast and crew.

Archer is an American animated sitcom television series created by Adam Reed for the FX network.

Each episode of Archer takes a couple of months to produce following the completion of the script. The show is mostly animated by Reed’s Floyd County Productions in Atlanta, Georgia, while 3D background models are made by Trinity Animation in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally, Radical Axis housed the show’s animation staff for Season 1, but the crew has since moved to their own facilities close to Emory University.


The artistic style of the series was designed to be as realistic as possible, so the character designers used as much reference material as they could. The character drawings are based on Atlanta-area models; they coincidentally resemble some of the voice actors in the series. As Chad Hurd, the lead character designer for the series, noted, the end result resembles “a 1960s comic book come to life.” Television critics have also compared the show’s overall visual style to that of the drama series Mad Men, as well as noting that lead character Sterling Archer, in particular, bears a substantial resemblance to Mad Men’s protagonist Don Draper. The artwork is also similar to the original Jonny Quest cartoon series penned by artist Doug Wildey in the 1960s.

Stylistically, the show is a mix of several different time periods; show creator Adam Reed described it as “intentionally ill-defined”, noting that the show “cherry-pick[ed] the best and easiest from several decades”. Numerous plot details arise from contemporary culture, such as affirmative action and sexual harassment complaints.

Archer is influenced by the early James Bond films, as well as OSS 117 and The Pink Panther, and can be compared to Reed’s former shows for Adult Swim, Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021. Driven by rapid-fire dialogue  and interaction-based drama, the series is “stuff[ed]…with pop-culture references”  and features an anachronistic style, using fashion from the early 1960s, a mix of 1980s-era and modern technology and a political status quo in which “the Cold War never ended”.

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