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Podcast Production for SRI International

Since 2010, Marty Weil and 2BruceStudio produce podcasts for Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International.

For anyone interested in the latest advancements in medicine, technology, education, R&D, gaming, exploration, engineering, and a host of other cutting-edge research, the SRI International podcast series is for you.

Marty Weil directs and hosts the SRI podcasts from 2BruceStudio. The podcasts are recorded, edited and submitted to iTunes by Bruce Sales of 2BruceStudio.

There are currently 42 podcasts loaded on iTunes with several more podcasts currently in production. To listen to an audio podcast, click iTunes page here. You can also visit the SRI podcast news page for more in depth information about the researchers and and the work being done at SRI.

If you enjoy a particular podcast, please leave a comment here.

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