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By Bruce Sales

Bark House, The Right Approach to Business

On 28, Apr 2017 | In 2BruceStudio News | By Bruce Sales

Imagine you’re in a window seat during final approach to Asheville, NC. The mountains, covered in lush blankets of leafy green forest most of the year, provide a pure surface to air uplift. Would it raise the sensitive eyebrow to hear North Carolina retains practically no remnant of a virgin forest? Nearly two-thirds of the NC land area is filled with commercial forests, most of it harvested twice already, leaving this – mostly a third crop. Thanks to Marty and Chris McCurry, Highland Craftsmen was created in 1990 as a recycler of wood waste materials, principally for Poplar bark. They reclaim bark from harvested trees and as Bark House – handcraft wall coverings for interior and exterior design solutions.

The Bark House and 2BruceStudio fun began with a search for local voice talent. A distinctive announcer was essential for the video Marty and Chris McCurry titled “A Product of Human-Nature Transcends the Nature of Human Products”. The video would announce Bark House winning the Architectural Record Product of the Year, the only PLATINUM Cradle to Cradle® Certification, and ten B Corp Best for the World awards. Marisa Blake has a captivating voice, rich in smiles and milk chocolate. Thanks to Marisa, the recording went smoothly, surprising everyone how much fun they could have with an important session. It isn’t often a new client immediately trusts me to edit voice with music, mix, and create the master while they’re slipping out for lunch at a well known Asheville restaurant. They also requested animating the logo and providing visual special effects. Hats off to Marty and Chris of Bark House for taking the right approach to business and becoming a 2BruceStudio favorite post production collaborator.

Please, take a look at the finished product:

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