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On 23, May 2012 | No Comments | In 2BruceStudio Info | By Bruce Sales

Nice Things Awesome People Say About 2BruceStudio!

How many slashes can one man have?

“It’s been my distinct pleasure to work with Bruce in a variety of capacities. As he and I worked primarily on The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa’s television account, Bruce quickly emerged as one-stop-shopping for a variety of critical items. First and foremost, he’s a gifted music composer, and produced several stellar compositions for me. His ear and knack for understanding film mood, tone and story are second to none. But he has also created sound design/editing/voice recording/mixing/sweetening and several slashes I’m certain I’m forgetting, all packaged in an extraordinarily rewarding experience. Not many people are able to still provide quality in so many varied and specialized fields, but Bruce Sales is a notable and significant exception.”

Jack Becker, copywriter/creative director Integritive2


Working with 2BruceStudio is fantastic.

Bruce goes the extra mile to ensure top quality audio production at a very fair price, and the process is always
enjoyable and fun. I plan to work with him on all my future projects.”

Cathryn Davis Zommer, Documentary Filmmaker (

Bruce is a highly skilled professional.

“We have worked together under insane deadlines and in pressure filled situations and he always rose to the occasion. His position required him to be both expertly skilled from a technical perspective and creatively fluid to adapt to last minute changes. He balances both well with an easy going, “can-do/no problem” demeanor. I would recommend Bruce highly to anyone who hires him as he will be a valuable addition to any company.”

Peter Greco SVP/Exec Music Producer Young and Rubicam, Inc

It’s hard to imagine more of a rush job than the 48 Hour Film Project.

“2BruceStudio not only met every deadline and delivered a high-quality product, but also remained professional and upbeat throughout the long days and nights required during the competition. Never a complaint or miscommunication. He’s always my first choice.”

Denise Kiernan, writer/producer

I highly recommend Bruce.

“2BruceStudio has created original music for us and our clients that is imaginative and professional.”

Paul Bonesteel, President/Director, Bonesteel Films

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